One Week…

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

The six of us going to St. George’s College in Jerusalem are just one week away from departure.  It’s hard to believe that after months of prayer, preparation, (and perhaps some procrastination), we are no longer talking in terms of weeks, but days, until we leave.  We (Fr. Ralph, Cindy, Terry, Aran, Anne, and Tim) unashamedly ask for your prayers, both for us and for our families, as we travel on this amazing journey.  We can’t thank you enough for that support.  We have already felt your prayers for us!

Our journey will begin on Friday, November 2 as we drive to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and catch a plane to Paris.  After a few hours in Degaulle Airport, we travel on flying direct into Amman, Jordan.  We will spend a few days at Petra, an ancient city hewn into the rock before we travel into Jerusalem to begin our class at St. George’s on November 6.  Our class is called Palestine of Jesus.  It’s an incredible journey into the historical and cultural world of Jesus’ time.  Those who have taken the class have come away from it, quite literally, changed people.

Keep watching this blog for updates as we travel.  You can access it directly or you can go to and click on the link there.  Also, a number of us are on facebook and we’ll be posting updates and photos there as well.

peace to you

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