Welcome To Paris…

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

We’ve completed the 1st two legs of our journey.  We drove to Chicago and then we flew to Paris.  So yes, this post is being sent out from Charles de Gaulle airport!!

Thank you for praying for us!  It’s working because our trip has been nothing but smooth sailing thus far.  We’ve been having a good time laughing, chatting, sleeping (a bit), and have even found time to pray together as a group.  We are so blessed to be with one another and we know that you all are with us as God’s Spirit connects us, even across the waters of the Atlantic.  It’s all God’s creation, right?

Our next 2nd two legs of our journey begin in a few hours.  We fly from Paris to Amman, Jordan and then have a 3 hour van ride to Petra where we will stay for a night, spend the day (November 4) touring Petra, and then head back to Amman for two nights before we make our way to Jerusalem and St. George’s College.

We’ll post more from Petra!

peace to you

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