An Unbelievable Day…

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

We had quite the day!  We walked (and walked and walked and walked) for over 6 miles as we toured through the ancient city of Petra, which, in it’s day was teeming with over 33,000 people.  Walk walked over stones that were put there by the Roman and Byzantine Empires.  We walked into houses and “tombs” carved into the sandstone.  We wandered through the Siq and had our breath taken away by The Treasury.

After lunch, we climbed (and climbed and climbed and climbed) up hundreds (and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds) of stairs in order to visit the monastery at the top of the mountain.

Our guide, Muhammed, shared with us his knowledge of Petra as well as a bit about himself, his family, his life.  He was (and is) a remarkable man.

To walk the length of Petra is nothing less than a pilgrimage.  It is a journey.  You form community with other with whom you are walking.  You stop when some need to stop and you encourage those needing encouragement.  Not everyone walks through Petra the same.  Some ride on horses or donkeys.

Some even ride on camels.

Our day was unbelievable.  Tomorrow, we will be going to The Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized by John.  We’ll also be going to the top of Mount Nebo, where Moses stood looking into the Promised Land before he died.  We’ll have pictures to share.

Aran has already started uploading photos onto his facebook.  Click here! (if you don’t have facebook, you can STILL see the pictures)

If you would like, here’s a link to a National Geographic special about Petra.

peace to you

One thought on “An Unbelievable Day…

  1. OH MY! Aran, Kenny Mom & have had so much fun looking at all your pictures on FB we just ooh’d and ah’d at every one – stunning. And you on the camel – well that pic must go on your office door! Were those rocks at one time beneath water? As always, our prayers MBee


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