Rivers, Mountains, Ruins, Mosaics…

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

Yesterday (Sunday, November 4) we spent our day at just one location, Petra.  It was an amazing day and we hope you’ll continue to check out photos that we are posting like this one below…

Today (Monday, November 5) we went to SEVERAL different locations.  We started our day at Jerash, which is the largest and most intact Roman/Byzantine/Greek/Islamic city excavation in the world.  We saw and toured ruins dating back to before the time of Christ!  Temples to Greek and Roman gods as well as places where those temples had been converted into Christian cathedrals after 300 AD.  An unforgetable experience.

After Jerash, we drove to The Jordan River and The Baptism Site of Jesus.  Byzantine churches were discovered and unearthed there in 1994 and since 2000, people have been able to come down to the river and step into The Jordan River near to the spot where most scholars believe John the Baptist lowered Jesus into the water.  All of us either stepped into the water or got our hands wet and put the water on our heads and faces.  Aran actually GO INTO the river (by accident) when he thought there was “one more step”.  He ended up getting drenched up to his waist!  ANOTHER BAPTISM FOR ARAN!!!

Once we were finished (drying off) at The Jordan River, we journey to the top of Mount Nebo.  Talk about INCREDIBLE!  We stood on top of that mountain, where Moses stood, and looked into The Promised Land.  It’s impossible to describe this feeling.  And to see the incredible terrain that the Hebrews had to cover ON FOOT was overwhelming.  Men, women, children, the elderly, the sick, all their animals, plus their supplies, tents, the Tabernacle, etc.  Over those mountains then down into the Jordan Valley to cross the river which was more than 300 yards across at that time (today, the Jordan River is barely 20 feet across).

Finally, we ended our day viewing different mosaics at St. George’s Church in Madaba.  Plus we also went to Art River Mosaic Workshop (scroll down on this link to read about it) which was started by the Queen of Jordan to care for and give work to the physically and mentally disabled.  We saw men and women, some of them handicapped, working on the most beautiful mosaic creations we’ve ever seen.  Some of them were as large as 4 feet across.  Others would fit in the palm of your hand.  Each one lovingly made and all proceeds go towards helping those who are disabled.


Please continue to pray for us.  We head to Israel tomorrow morning and will take up residence at St. George’s University where our class begins on Wednesday evening.  We’re ready for some study and walking to and in the places where Jesus and his followers walked, prayed, healed, and sacrificed.

peace to you

One thought on “Rivers, Mountains, Ruins, Mosaics…

  1. Incredible photos here and on Aran’s FB! You sure you really “missed” that step? I’m thinkin’ there might have been a heavenly shove. Thank you for staying in touch, rest your leg muscles and God Bless with the mental exercises upcoming!


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