The Holy Land…

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

The above photo was taken just as we passed out of the tunnel and got our second glimpse of Jerusalem.  It was stunning.  Our first glance was soon after we crossed the boarder.  We were reminded that Jerusalem is up . . . WAY up.  It’s on top of a mountain.  This is why in the scriptures, when people say they are going to Jerusalem, they say, “Go up to Jerusalem.”  That is a literal statement.  When we talk about going places in America, we say “up” or “down” and we mean north or south.  Even if you were 50 miles to the north of Jerusalem and had to travel south to get there, you would still say, “I’m going UP to Jerusalem.”  In the picture below, that’s Jerusalem up at the top of the highest point.

This is just the first example of how we will be learning to read the scriptures and the stories of Jesus’ life in a different light.  Our prayer for our time here is that we would be immersed in the local context of this place and that we might come to a better understanding of Jesus’ life without our Western or American filters.

We’re about head out into the Old City, walk around, and get some food.  Our class officially begins tomorrow evening, Wednesday, November 7.  If you’d like to see a sample of our itinerary, you can see it right here.

peace to you

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