The Old City…

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

This evening, we all walked a few blocks from St. George’s College to The Old City part of Jerusalem.  We entered through the Damascus Gate as seen above.  The Old City is split into 4 quadrants: Jewish, Armenian, Christian, and Arab.  It is an incredible melting pot as people struggle and wrestle and debate and live in close proximity to one another.

We will be spending a lot of our time in The Old City as it houses The Church of The Holy Sepulcher which is situated on the space where Jesus was more than likely buried and not far at all from where Jesus was crucified.  The church is massive but is also a source of struggle as Catholics, Orthodox, Armenians, and other sects of Christianity can’t seem to get along, even as they share a roof and common belief in Christ.

We wil be back to The Church of The Holy Sepulcher as well for our class so there will be more to share then.  However, we simply had to share the photo below of men and women kneeling and praying and touching the stone where Mary received the body of her son, Jesus, after he was taken down from the cross.  Many of us kneeled there as well and were deeply moved by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you to all of you who have been reading and commenting and sharing our blog with your friends.  We had over 240 hits in one day (November 4) and we’re closing in on more than 1,000 total hits since we started it a few weeks ago.  And thank you also for all your prayers for us, our time together, our interaction with God, our safety, etc.

peace to you

One thought on “The Old City…

  1. Oh my! I’m covered with “goose bumples” – WOW! Thank you – thank you – thank you! I continue to keep each of you in my daily prayers and ask that you pray for me in these most sacred spaces! In Him, MaryBee


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