Class Begins…

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

We’ve begun!  The 37 of us who are taking the Palestine of Jesus course here at St. George’s College in Jerusalem gathered earlier this evening to have Eucharist together.  Let us just say that to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ only a few miles from where Jesus himself first shared the bread and wine with his closest followers is a most sacred experience.  We were moved.  It was also beautiful to hear the Dean of the College say, “Here in Jerusalem, we invite everyone to say The Lord’s Prayer in their native tongue.”  Talk about hearing God’s Word in a fresh way!  So beautiful.

After a brief reception of some VERY lovely wine and snacks, we were served a beautiful meal with all the Mediterranean trimmings: creamed cucumbers, tomatoes & hyssop, a bowl of olives, etc.  We were asked to sit at the 5 or 6 seat tables with as many people as possible that we didn’t know.  We sat with New Zealanders, Canadians, Australians, Minnesotans, Washingtonians, Californians, Arizonians, and yes, us Wisconsinites all mixed in.  There are Anglicans/Episcopalians, Catholics, Lutherans, Non-Denominationals, and more here among us.  All a part of the Body of Christ, all here for the same reason: to draw closer to God and have The Spirit dwell more within them.

Finally, we spent time as a community listening to each other’s lives, stories, introductions, reasons for coming, and even songs.  It was a beautiful time together and so encouraging to hear how and why people from all over the world have come to walk in the steps of Jesus.

Tomorrow, we begin our daily journeys out into the areas around Jerusalem.  We’ll be in Jericho, Bethlehem, Galilee, Hebron, Mount Tabor, The Dead Sea, the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, and more.  We will post photos and share stories.  Please keep us in prayer.

peace to you

2 thoughts on “Class Begins…

  1. I spent two weeks in Israel in June 1996 – a life changing experience – and your stories and photos are bringing it all back to me. I look forward to sharing more of your journey with you. My friend and former neighbor and bishop, Bob Jones and his wife Mary Page, were on their way to Jerusalem where Bishop Jones was to begin his term as Dean of St. George’s. He gave us a wonderful tour of the college and we left welcome notes in the residence for Mary Page’s arrival a few weeks later. Jane Smith


  2. Isn’t God SO BIG and isn’t HE such a gift to all of us here on HIS earth! What a wonderful picture you have painted – yes, a coat of many colors placed over ONE BODY – the Body of Christ – and He Blesses it all! Prayers for you! MaryBee


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