Day of Thanksgiving…

Dear family members of our St. Thomas pilgrims, all of the St. Thomas family, and all who read this blog,

It is Monday evening here in Jerusalem. We continue to have a wonderful and deeply spiritual experience. I want you to know that we are in good hands. Our Liaison (arrangements person) has a direct line to government officials. He used to work for the U.N. and gets updates about the situation here and makes decisions accordingly. So far, none of his updates have caused any concern. We are less than seventy-two hours from getting on our plane and making our way home. Rest assured that we are doing well and it may be true that there is much less anxiety here than back in the U.S.

You are in all of our thoughts and prayers. You are especially in mine.

Fr. Ralph+






Editor’s Note:  It is important to note that the travel warnings issued by the US State Department have not changed since we traveled to the Middle East.  The US Government updates these travel warnings hourly. There are groups from all over the world coming to this area every day, including a brand new group of students arriving tomorrow (Tuesday, November 20) to take a course at St. George’s College.

3 thoughts on “Day of Thanksgiving…

  1. It’s all about Context – you told us that – we need to remember to listen. Thank you for your reassuring message… God’s abundant peace & Love to you all!


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