Our Cell Phones Work Now…

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

We have landed safely in New York City.  Thank you for your prayers but please keep them going.  We have three legs left to our journey.  From here we fly to Atlanta, then to Chicago, then a drive north to the Fox Cities.

If it now OK to call and/or text our phones.  We’ll have them on and we’ll be waiting for your communications if you so desire.

While is is good to be back on our home soil, if we are honest, we are already missing The Holy Land.  We miss our friends at St. George’s College, our fellow classmates from the Palestine of Jesus course.  We miss our professor, Fr. Kamal, our chaplain, Fr. David, our liaisons guide, Bishara, our hospitality host, Rev. Honey, and others.

We miss The Old City, the falafel, the smells of spice coming from the Islamic Quarter, the presence of Jesus as we learned about his activities, the waves on the Sea of Galilee, the Holy Spirit leading us, and more.

Our lives are forever changed and we can’t wait to share our stories, photos, laughter, tears, and the presence of God with you all.

peace to you

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