The Final Countdown…

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

Europe Final Countdown

Yes, The Final Countdown has begun.  We are now less than a week from our departure to The Holy Lands of Jordan, Palestine, and Israel.  The 25 pilgrims from The Diocese of Fond du Lac as well as various other locations around the USA are double and triple checking their passports, running last minute errands, exchanging emails, texts, and phone calls, and preparing to hug loved ones staying behind.

do not be afriad wall

Much has taken place in Jerusalem these last few days and weeks.  But we are making this Pilgrimage.  We do not live with a spirit of fear.  The scriptures have plenty to say about being afraid.  In fact, God’s most repeated command in all of the bible is, “Do not be afraid.”  We are confident of God’s protection as well as the wisdom of our professor Fr. Kamal Farah and our guide and liaison Bishara Khoury.

Kamal Farah

Fr. Kamal Farah

Bishara Khoury

Bishara Khoury

We of course covet your prayers for our travels, our safety, and our loved ones at home.  But most of all . . .

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…” – Psalm 122:6

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