Hello friends . . . grace and peace,


Our prayers are with the victims and perpetrators and all those affected by the horrific acts of violence that took place in Paris yesterday.  During our time in The Holy Lands we have learned that the Jesus Way of praying is simply to present the situation to God.  God knows what needs to be done.  We pray for God to do what God does everyday . . . heal, reconcile, forgive, and achieve justice: God setting things right.

plane taking off

For those concerned about our travel plans, which take us from Tel-Aviv to Paris and then to Chicago, we have heard nothing to make us concerned or lead us to believe our flight will be rerouted or cancelled.  The airport is 100% open according to our logistics guide, Bishara.  Air France has even issued a statement which you can read HERE.


We will see you all soon.  Our flight number is Air France #1121 from Tel-Aviv to Paris.  Pray for peace in Paris, around the world, and of course,

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…” – Psalm 122:6


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